Orthodox Truth - June 30, 2000

( re Archbishop Spyridon's Pension )

June 30, 2000

Dear Editor,

In reading the article of The GreekAmerican, I was quite disappointed with Mr. Catismatidis' statement. I wonder if truly His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon knows what it means to live on $80,000 or is Mr. Catsimatidis telling him, "take this amount" just so that the "issue" can be resolved.

I truly don't feel that a man [Spyridon], who has had his expenses always paid for him through the archdiocese and where ever else he served in the past, would know if he could or could not live on the amount. As Mr. Cantonis stated, $80,000 is not enough for His Eminence to live on after paying rent, food, a decent car, medical and car insurance's, clothing, etc. Mr. Catsimatidis, "A rose is not a rose by any name." There are long stem roses, which are more expensive ($75 a dozen) from the supermarket roses ($9.99 a dozen).

Let's not kid ourselves! The man is an archbishop; he deserves to live in dignity and in peace. If this were your father you would want him to get a decent amount of money. Let's not just settle for anything that is offered so that we can look like the peacemaker. Let's not worry about our image but be concerned about this man who was lied to and the Greek Orthodox people of America were also lied to.

If the lawsuit has to be initiated by Mr. Pappas so that the proper results are accomplished then so be it. If the individuals who "took over" the archdiocese illegally have to be exposed then so be it. But to sweep everything under the rug just to appease friends, relatives or whoever is an injustice and a crime to the Greek Orthodox Christians of America.


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