May 22, 2000

( re Archbishops Iakovos and Spyridon Resignations )

Mon, 22 May 2000

Dear sirs:

We are relieved to see an objective web page on the problems many of us see in the Greek Orthodox Church. We see a church that is deteriorating quickly into a free for all club. Unless sins, assuming that we still believe in these, are accounted for, the church will not be able to move on...

That which many of us wonder is, if Archbishop Iakovos was allowed to remain freely in the United States after he resigned with a generous pension, why is Archbishop Spyridon being denied the same right?

Also, if those who love Archbishop Iakovos are allowed to still have him in their midst, and are allowed to derive whatever spiritual needs they believe they derive from him, why are we, the many parishioners around the country who feel a spiritual void in our lives with the resignation of Archbishop Spyridon, not also allowed to have him living in our midst with dignity and the most basic human right of all, freedom?

This lack of concern for the feelings of us faithful on the part of leaders who claim to be proclaiming the message of Christ, which is love and compassion, is a source of great disappointment.

Is fairness and integrity something which we have come to expect only from leaders of other Christian denominations, but not our own? If so, then, indeed, we are truly in trouble.

A. Lambropoulos
Warren, Ohio

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