June 30, 2000

( re The Action Taken By Harry J. Pappas )

June 30, 2000

Dear Editor,

I would like to publicly express my gratitude and thank Mr. Harry J. Pappas for the action he is taking.

Thank you for being a noble, courageous and honorable man.

Thank you for being one of the few individuals in the Greek Orthodox Church that is still being led by positive and loving Spirit of God.

Thank you for being willing to support another human being from malice.

Thank you for not succumbing to certain negative influences that believe a church can only thrive and survive by browbeating others into submission through fear of slander and other means.

Thank you for being willing to be pilloried by those who have shown their contemptible words and actions, that they are not in Our Lord's Grace.

Thank you for making people aware of lies and falsehood and bringing to light the truth in regard to our church, for it is always Holy and of God.

Thank you for having the Holy Grace to have recognized that they who unjustly condemn and persecute others in order to satisfy a perverse sense of triumph, could not possible be led by Our Lord's Spirit.

Thank you for having the courage to take a just action and not succumbing to those who are using our church as a political arena.

Thank you for trying to restore the church and giving it back to Our Lord.

Thank you for giving us hope for the future.

Gratefully Yours,
Jeannette Kotsonis

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