July 2000

Hunger for Power and Financial Status
( A Letter to the Editor from Emmanuel Manolakis )

July, 2000

Dear Editor,

I have read Mr. Cantonis' and Mr. Pappas' letters concerning the pension of former Archbishop Spyridon. They are to be commended on the stand they have taken concerning the injustice which has occurred towards a spiritual man who tired very hard to clean up the terrible mess he inherited. It is very easy for people to point fingers and blame others for their mistakes. The "Patriarchal Friends" had and will always have their own agendas, which are their hunger for power and financial status to satisfy, unfortunate at the expense of the innocent Greek Orthodox Christians of America.

My only wish was that your website could be more publicized even more than it is now so that others can finally read the truth. There are many of us in Detroit who love and miss Archbishop Spyridon and wish him a peaceful life. What we do not understand is since there are so many Greek Orthodox Christians who were in support of Archbishop Spyridon and we wrote letters to the Patriarch proclaiming our support, how could His All Holiness not listen to the majority and listen to the few loud mouths of GOAL?

Please continue writing and hopefully exposing all the truth.

Emmanuel Manolakis

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