Proini - December 14, 2000


[ A Commentary by Michael Ignatiou ]

The Greek-American community is impatiently waiting on our colleague Justine Frangouli's book dedicated to the troubled times of Spyridon, former Archbishop in the United States. This is a book that will stir up the "calm waters" of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, since it describes in every detail the war waged against Archbishop Spyridon, a war which turns out to have been directed by the Phanar. Unfortunately, the latter exploited the naivety of certain Greek-Americans and left them in the lurch.

Ms Frangouli, a distinguished colleague from Canada, has labored over the tribulations of the Archdiocese of America and, I understand, touches with respect upon the "wounds" suffered by our Church. At the same time, she does not spare those clerics and laity who almost brought down the awesome edifice of America's Hellenism -an edifice built with blood, sweat and toil by the first immigrants, the pioneers of our community, many of whom lost their very lives so that we who came after could boast of being members of a dynamic Greek community. This very community has produced -among its other achievements- a candidate for the Presidency.

I am aware that as soon as the news broke out about this new book, many Greek-Americans who had played the Patriarchate's game of upheaval in the Archdiocese of America lost some sleep, because, as you will realize, thousands of people will now learn the true facts and naturally enough they will react to such information.

I am aware that some people had selfish objectives. It is one thing to fight for something because one believes in it and an entirely different thing to turn one's self into a pawn, to "protest", because, let's say, one is paid to do so, without this remark meaning that some were bribed to take part in the conspiracy.

As an Orthodox Greek, with knowledge of the people and events involved, I anxiously await the publication of Ms Frangouli's book, which all of us should read. We should read it in order to find out the truth, the whole truth, so that those who set up a "suicide plan" for the Greek-American community will be stripped naked.

I understand that Archbishop Spyridon's opponents are now organizing themselves to confront the new book. Undoubtedly, some people will slander our colleague, but they will not be able to shut her mouth. That is not an easy thing to do. She is a journalist of daring, who has the courage to voice her opinion, a colleague whose reporting and researches have gained her a fine reputation. A book on the crisis in the Archdiocese of America is a life's creation for Ms Frangouli. She herself has never set out to create a passing sensation, and for that reason I am convinced that her book will serve the truth and only the truth. I am also convinced that those who take on the task of vilifying her book will not succeed in their attempt.

[Translated from Greek]

[ η Πρωϊνή - Θέσεις και Σχόλια - December 14, 2000 - p. _ ]