top - June 12, 2000

Statement on the Greek Citizens' Identity Cards issue

"The disagreement between Church and State should be quickly and peacefully resolved through basic concessions made by both sides, before the gap becomes unbridgeable on an issue which in fact is not of vital importance. Both the Church and the Greek State have a moral obligation towards the Greek people to help to de-escalate the crisis, which, if prolonged, could lead to unforeseeable consequences for the country."

"We have reached the crucial point where all Church and State institutions and mechanisms should now be brought into play to guarantee the preservation of the Hellenic cultural and ideological identity in the melting-pot that is today's United Europe."

"In a period when globalization is creating a clearly visible danger of assimilation for our people, at a time when the Greek American lobby has become inactive in promoting Greek National issues, the historic powers that determine the Greek people's identity are called upon to map out the way to ensure its survival."

[Translated from Greek]

   June 12, 2000 ]