The True Orthodox News - December 2000


"I shall tell you a great secret, my friend.
Do not wait for the last judgment.
It takes place every day." - Albert Camus

On November 10, 2000 the Patriarch arrived in Detroit for a whirlwind trip of two-and-a-half days visit, according to The National Herald reporter Kalmoukos. He came and went so quickly that no one really was able to see him. This trip was very low key. There was nothing grand about this trip and the reason for that make me very suspicious and it should make all of you suspicious as well.

  • Why such a short trip ?
  • Why so much security around him (Bartholomew)?
  • Why did he have only a selected group of individuals attend the function at the Metropolitan Museum ?
  • Why, Why, Why ????

Well let's start with the first why. The answer is very simple; Bartholomew came to collect money from those who were foolishly willing to give him their money. According to various sources there was a charge of $250.00 for a luncheon held in Detroit and $100.00 charge to attend the Divine Liturgy. Gee, I didn't know you had to pay to get the blessing of the church but then again only a money hunger man would allow such an action to take place. But how many of you knew that when Bartholomew left he went first to Switzerland to make a deposit into his personal account and then went on his merry way back to Turkey.

The second why is even more interesting. The security surrounding Bartholomew on this trip was unbelievable. The staff at the Archdiocese was told to be at work by 8 a.m. or else they would not be allowed to enter the building. Could that have had something to do with the subpoena that Bartholomew was avoiding? Well guess what, Corsell's attorneys were able to serve him with the subpoena no matter how much security was around him. Just to refresh your memories. Theodora Cornell organized the concert that was held in New York on October 25, 1997 during one of Bartholomew's trips to the States. | She was introduced to the Archons and Archbishop Spyridon by the one and only Karloutsos. He supported Corsell's hiring by the Order of St. Andrew. Why didn't Corsell's attorneys also subpoena Karloutsos?

As to the third why, well let's face it. | If you were a Spyridon supporter you would not be invited to attend anything that Karloutsos was in charge of. The criteria for attending was "deep pockets" and one more thing, you have to allow Karloutsos to put his hand in your deep pocket otherwise you don't get invited. Personally, I rather not be invited and keep my money. This status I can do without.

So as you can all see the answers to the whys are very simple.

This man does not belong in the position of Patriarch. He is a self-centered individual who is only interested in money and power. And the saying goes "Show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are" well that is very apropos for his "intimate" friend Karloutsos. These two have so much in common that they stick together like glue and they should also be defrocked simultaneously!

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