Athinorama - March 9-15, 2001

Justine Frangouli-Argyris'

The Lonely Path of Integrity

The tenure of Spyridon, former Archbishop of America, short in length yet stormy in events and developments, has provided the material for a book which will rub salt into wounds both among members of the Greek-American community and prominent figures of the Orthodox Church.

The author traces the career of a church leader from his childhood, painting a portrait of a man who rose to the high rank of Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of America after many struggles and a long ministry in the Church, only to be ousted after three years.

The book resembles a journalistic research more than a biography. It sheds light on the behind-the-scenes undermining of Spyridon, on his relations with the Patriarchate, with the Greek State, with the clergy in America, with influential figures in the Greek-American community and, finally, on the intertwined interests which led to his ousting, in 1999. It contains a wealth of original documents, articles and archival material, as well as three photographical sections.

Exandas Publishers, 346 pp.


[ Translated from Greek ]

[ αθηνόραμα - Issue 43 - March 9-15, 2001 - p. 223 ]