CHIR FM - April 9, 2001

Presentation of

The Lonely Path of Integrity

By Vassilis Diamantopoulos

With a spontaneity and eloquence which is typical of her, Justine Frangouli in this book broke a silence of many years and shed light on so many burning issues that plague the Church and, by extension, our people inside and outside Greece.

It is certain that Justine Frangouli's book The Lonely Path of Integrity will waken and trouble consciences.

It is with deep sense of responsibility and with sensitivity to the importance of the subject that the author, Justine Frangouli, offered us the unadorned truth, producing crises of conscience in her readers who at the very least will be moved to make an effort to disengage themselves from the stagnation of being mere apathetic observers of events.

Alas, these events, in my humble opinion, will not only repeat themselves in the future, but they will do so by having particularly painful implications for those who are determined to remain loyal supporters of principles and values.

[ Translated from Greek ]

[ CHIR FM - Greek Radio Station (Toronto) - April 9, 2001 ]