Greek-Canadian Reportage - March 12, 2001

Presentation of Justine Frangouli-Argyris' Book
The Lonely Path of Integrity - Spyridon, Archbishop of America 1996-1999


The Lonely Path of Integrity - Spyridon, Archbishop of America 1996-1999 written by the Greek journalist Justine Frangouli-Argyris, correspondent to the Athens News Agency, was presented on Sunday, March 11, at the Cultural Center of the Hellenic Community of Montreal.

The book, published by Exandas Publishers, narrates the unprecedented vicissitudes that the Church of America embarked upon after the departure of Archbishop Iakovos. With the appointment as Archbishop of Spyridon, hitherto Metropolitan of Italy, such vicissitudes resulted in church conflicts and dissension within the Greek American community.

Ms Frangouli, as she herself explained, had access to Archbishop Spyridon's archives, correspondence and personal journal. She succeeded in presenting, even if only one-sidedly, some interesting aspects of the overall situation arisen in the Archdiocese. She records, with details unknown to most people, the events that took place within the Greek Orthodox Church of America and describes exhaustively the former Primate's three-year ministry.

At the presentation, prominent members of Montreal's Hellenic Community spoke of Spyridon's personality and ministry. He was described as a direct and simple man and as a gifted religious and spiritual leader.

It is worth noting that after his ousting from the Archdiocese of America and his refusal to accept a new patriarchal appointment to the Metropolitanate of Chaldia, Archbishop Spyridon left the United States for Portugal, where, no longer involved in active Orthodox church ministry, he lives a life of monastic solitude.

Antonis Bartzakos

[ Translated from Greek ]

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