Macedonian Press Agency - April 3, 2001

Pirated Copies
of Biography of former Archbishop of America

Washington, April 3, 2001 (13:39 UTC+2)

The illegal printing and circulation of the authorized biography of Spyridon, former Archbishop of America, are acquiring scandalous proportions in the Greek American community, according to TGANews website.

The book entitled I Monaxia Enos Asymvivastou (The Lonely Path of Integrity) by Justine Frangouli has been published by the well known Greek publishing house Exandas in December 2000.

Purchasers of the book, first in sales among Greek publications in the US, have alleged that thousands of pirated copies are being sold in various US cities, mainly by bookseller and publisher Sam Chekwas, the owner of a bookstore in Astoria, New York.

Many US purchasers who fell victim to these pirated copies have made reports to Exandas Publishers. Such reports urged Exandas publisher Magda Kotzia to make an official denouncement of this fact to the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Publishers-Booksellers, the Association of Athenian Publishers-Booksellers, the Organization of Collegial Administration of Works of Word (OSDEL), the Publishers' Association of Scientific Books, the Publishers' Association of Books and the Book's National Center.

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