Orthodox Truth - February 27, 2001

Strong Leadership and Refreshing Integrity

( Letter to the Editor re Archbishop Spyridon's Interview )


Thank you for posting the Spyridon interview. I heard from a friend that there was an interview granted in Greece and not knowing any Greek or how to get it, I was disappointed.

Many of my friends and I admired his strong leadership and refreshing integrity. He actually made us feel proud to be of Greek extraction after many years of not caring. His answers to the interview are of the high caliber and world-class ecclesial mentality, which we have come to expect of him.

Now, if only the nasty and hypocritical people who are back in leadership of our church would practice what they preach (they never did before Spyridon, and they don't now), and give him the pension they promised him !!!!

Keep up the good work, Orthodox Truth, and please keep us abreast on news of his pension.

An admirer of Arch. Spyridon in the mid-west, (p.s. to all the cult-like good old boy group who will try to track down my parish and my priest, I am not a member of any church in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese)

Alex Christopher

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