Orthodox Truth - June 1, 2001

( re The Presentation of "The Lonely Path of Integrity" )

June 1st, 2001

Dear Editor,

I just read the invitation that was posted on your website May 30, 2001. I understand that the Greek newspaper Proini has also made this information available to its readers. In a recent discussion with some friends, I was told that the Former Archbishop Spyridon may be in attendance. Is this true? Please inform us of the validity of this statement.

Thank you and please continue your work in informing us.

Paul Papaioannou
Canton, Ohio


The Editor's answer:

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your letter of good wishes. According to sources it is rumored that His Eminence, may be there. We are expecting a large attendance and encourage people to RSVP at 718-592-5000 as the invitation indicates.

The Editor

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