top - November 24, 2001

Statement on 9/11 while visiting New York in November 2001

While in New York to give his deposition in a court of law  in regard to Theodora Corsell's
complaint for defamation against the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese,  Archbishop Spyridon
made the following statement to the Athens News Agency:

"A law case, even if it involves a church authority, is only a grain of sand in comparison to the tragic events of September 11 that injured the prestige of this country and wounded its metropolis.

Being back after quite some time, I saw, through the car windows, New York stripped of its glamor. On the other hand I noticed the people moving in the rhythm I knew. I trust that recuperating their morale will only be a matter of time.

In any case, I would like to express my profound grief at the loss of so many victims caused by multiple insensate attacks and especially of those members of our Greek Orthodox community for whom this tragedy proved fatal. I pray God will grant consolation and strength to their families to endure such pain. My thoughts were and are with them all through these difficult times."

Terrorism will be eradicated effectively only when the causes that generated them will be dealt with in a realistic manner."

[Translated from Greek]

   November 24, 2001 ]