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November 3, 2003           

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I would like to apologize to Father Alex

Posted by Vania on November 3, 2003, 1:47 pm, in reply to "Re: If it was Fr. Alex... <37773.html>"

I recall that a poster had placed a letter that they had received in the mail, on this site, and I reacted to it...which I should not have done. I recall that it stated that Father Alex. was removed from Leadership 100 because of missing funds. I found out later that it was a lie and that there were no missing funds, nor was he removed. Now we have all heard that the children suffer the sins of their fathers. Well I guess in this case, it is the father, as well as other innocent family members of his, that have suffered the sins of his son. To remedy this, I suggest that Father Alex's son place an ad in the same newspaper that it was placed in before, mentioning every calumny that was said against our former Archbishop, and that it was a lie. He should apologize publicly, since he calumnized publicly....and he should pay for it. That would show a true repentance...after all, calumny is equal to murder and theft.

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