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November 5, 2003           

[ Re: "I always have to put in my two cents" ]

I always have to put in my two cents

Posted by Vania on November 5, 2003, 4:24 pm, in reply to "OCL sues GOA ? <38155.html>"

I am only stating an opinion, because I sincerely do not know anything. If it is true that they have been sued and that there is a judge that is favorable, I would have to assume they mean towards the Archdiocese. Now to take it a step further, our last Archbishop had open books, and as we know he was crucified. Thinking about it, I wonder how many of the donations might come from foreign corporations, etc. and they really would not want others to know what they have donated. In that sense it is understandable. In the sense of how much is being paid out, it is not and everyone has a right to know... except that Greeks being what they are, would complain no matter what someone received. Then again, I have heard that Jaharis is running the show.

Re: I always have to put in my two cents

Posted by Harry Coin on November 5, 2003, 5:33 pm, in reply to "I always have to put in my two cents <38162.html>"

..Now to take it a step further, our last Archbishop had open books,.. Nonsense. If allowing an Archdiocesan council member, one, read-only supervised access to selected areas is 'open', then anything is 'open'. Now, he did go buy hisself a biiiiiggg new house without asking anyone and with parish donations money, and that was open as soon as others found out about it....

Why the lies?

Posted by Vania on November 5, 2003, 6:50 pm, in reply to "Re: I always have to put in my two cents <38176.html>"

Excuse me harry, I live in the NYC area. He tried to buy the house because he did not want to accept personal gifts and as an Archbishop that needed a place to receive guests, it would have been far more presentable than the shack he was renting. Now another thing, if you go back into the Orthodox Observer, you will find the name of the accounting firm that was used at the time. The books were available to everyone. Harry, when are you going to become a Christian? You know if you repented and became born again in the Spirit, you will find that integrity you are lacking....and when you find it, you will become aware that it does exist in others. Right now, somehow or other, you can't seem to understand that.

Here we go again.............

Posted by A CONCERNED FRIEND on November 5, 2003, 7:22 pm, in reply to "Re: I always have to put in my two cents <38176.html>"

Dear Harry, Here we go again. Harry, I knew the Archbishop, I knew the house, and I live not too far from it. The Archbishop wanted to buy it FOR THE ARCHDIOCESE, not himself.... any more than Iakovos' owns the house he lives in just a few blocks away from the intended house of Spyridon. Just as Iakovos' house will be a great asset for the Archdiocese upon his death, so too would the house Spyridon wanted for the Archdiocese. It has MORE THAN DOUBLED in property value in the last five years. Why aren't you complaining about Archbishop Demitrios' luxury Manhattan apartment which costs the same amount? We don't even know where that is going, or who that belongs to. Every thing is so secretive NOW...why aren't you complaining about that? Harry, is it within your capability to ever admit that you are wrong? Or do you still adhere to the credo of many GOAL members, (one ADMITTED it to me), that 'if you say a lie long enough, you will believe it, and so will everyone else'. Get over it, Harry. Your lies destroyed your fellow man and Archbishop. You won the dirty war, Harry. The hatred in your heart will destroy your soul, and it doesn't matter how 'involved' you supposedly are with the institution of the GO Church. Just get over it, and get over your passion for lying and hatred towards your fellow man. Why not say the (ORTHODOX) Jesus Prayer, just once, and mean it. I guarantee you that it may help you change. It is an antidote for EGO: Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner. May God bless you with His love, and the virtues of forgiveness, humility, and integrity.

Give it up already!

Posted by Thanatopoulos on November 5, 2003, 10:38 pm, in reply to "Re: I always have to put in my two cents <38176.html>"

The house... the money... the books... the Archbishop... bla... bla... bla... Time to change channels, because I think we've seen this show before. Move on, brother!

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