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December 10, 2003           

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Posted by Vania on 12/10/2003, 12:59 pro, in reply to "Re: Joseph...Absolutely on tarp_et"

Dear John,

I have seen 'heresy for many years. I have heard that a word must be exact, in order for one to be a true Christian. Yet even Saint Gregory Palamas said: That the Prophets and Apostles were higher than the philosophers, that the instrument for acquiring knowledge of God is not reason (which consists of words), but the heart in its full biblical meaning: that God is not discovered through human reasoning, but reveals Himself in a man's heart..."

If it were not so, then so many of our illiterate and uneducated could not have become saints. Father Arseny in the works of his spiritual children, stated that he trembled at some confessions because of the purity of their souls. Yet during the past decades, I rarely heard anyone in our Church stating the neccesity of confession, nor that a state of 'repentance' was necessary for one to be a Christian.

I have heard clerics 'brow beat' and literally brain wash those that married Orthodox in order to convert. I have heard them change our beliefs according to whom they were speaking to...especially our beliefs on our Theotokos.

But the worst heresy, was during the horrors that were perpetrated on our former Arch. Spyridon in the past administration. The silence of our spiritual leaders was deafening.

In Christ's Love

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