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December 7, 2003           

[ Re: "Preaching division" ]

Re: "Preaching division"

Posted by Vania on 12/7/2003, 9:14 pm, in reply to "Re: Preachina division "

Dear Peter,

One thing I can't understand, is how a nation like Turkey, with its poor economy and its horrific human rights record, can place demands on the EU... such as insisting that it cannot state that the foundation of the European civilization is Christianity. Whatever Arch. Christodoulos has stated, has the backing of many of the Europeans, or he wouldn't be so confident in stating them.

The other thing is, that if we had a power next to us threatening us with squadrons of planes flying over our air space as Greece does, I am sure we would not like it. But then again Greece bends over backwards to avoid war....after all, Turkey is a great military power, and is run by her generals.

One thing that did shock me though, was the anger and bitterness of Arch. Christodopoulos when he gave that speece....and I did see it on TV. He is usually so charismatic and likable. I guess that is what humiliations and pressure does to someone.... and I then thought of our former Arch. Spyridon and the press, Ires and humiliations that he suffered each and everyday. Was it any wonder, that he was not always so pleasant.

I do wish our Patriarch could just show a little more tact when handling those that are sheparding his flock.

In Christ's Love,

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