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November 3, 2003           

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Posted by Roula Poulakis on November 3, 2003, 3:14 pm -

Omogenia is a racist and cultic code word used by the patriarchate and the archdiocese. This ethnocultic name seeks to communicate to Greeks in Turkey and elsewhere without reference to Hellas or Greece. Since the Greek Church in America under the Patriarchate basically seeks to only serve Greeks, this term is often used to discriminate against non-Greeks and to support the maintenance of ethnocultic purity. Archbishop Demetrios was warned to avoid using this term as were Arch. Iakovos abd Arch. Spyridon but since Amrican archbishops serve as agents of the patriarchate they couldn't or wouldn't avoid its usage. So the mixed marriage families better get in tune by become more Greek, attending Greek school (like the Big Fat Greek Wedding) or joining other Orthodox Churches that have less ethnic characteristics and more open doors and welcoming Christian hearts.

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