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May 1, 2004

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Posted by Vania on 5/1/2004, 6:41 pm, in reply to "The Patriarch's Problem"

Dear Demetrios,

I don't think the Patriarch can realize the political realities throughout the world, until he establishes himself in a free country. I believe that is what he is hoping to do. Greece is trying to get Turkey into the EU, so that the Patriarch will become free. Once that happens, he will be able to look at world events with a clear head.

First of all, once this Patriarch is gone, there is no one that can replace him. The few remaining clergy with Turkish citizenship, are limited in their education. If though, Turkey becomes a member of the EU, then there will be plenty of hierarchs....even Bishop Kallistos Ware, and/or Arch. Spyridon, because all that will be required, other than a top theological education, will be an EU citizenship.

I personally feel that this is the basis of the conflict with Arch. Christodoulos. It appears it started when Arch. Christodoulos opened an office in Brussels, and worked with others to get Christianity mentioned in the EU constitution....something Turkey adamantly opposes. The Patriarch is doing everything to placate Turkey until and if it becomes a member, while Christodoulos is reacting as a provincial nationalistic Greek. And I love him for it....but, it is not beneficial for our Church, and Christianity as a whole. After all, if Turkey becomes a member of the EU, she will also have to abide by their laws....and that will be good for the Church.

Frankly, I'm not too fond of our Patriarch, because of his wishy-washy liberalism, but the situation is as it we will just have to wait and leave the diplomacy to the Greek government. They are the one's that support the Patriarchate, and they are the one's that will lose and gain accordingly.

In Christ's Love,

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