Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age - 2005

Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age
Preliminary Considerations

By Alex Agadjanian and Victor Roudometof


This shift has important consequences for the fragmented Eastern Orthodox denominations and raises the possibility of creating a single Orthodox American Church, uniting all the immigrants and their descendants on the basis of their religion. In the final chapter, George Kourvetaris, a first generation Greek American sociologist, explores the impact of these processes for the Greek American Church in the United States. Is the U.S. Greek American Church experiencing a crisis of leadership (manifested in the short tenure of Archbishop Spyridon) or is it really in the midst of a gradual but major transformation from a Greek American Church into a US. Eastern Orthodox Church. In answering this "research question" Kourvetaris provides the reader with a wealth of detail and information about the nature, function, and history of the Greek Orthodox Church in North America. As a matter of fact, his chapter is but a heavily abbreviated version of the original manuscript From his analysis, it is clear that the long-term trend is one leading to the formation of a single Eastern Orthodox Church in North America.


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