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Responses to   Terry Mattingly's: "God told me to type this - maybe"

Responses to"God told me to type this - maybe"

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"There are Christians who pray for God to give them parking spaces and there are also Christians who claim, on a regular basis, that God speaks directly to them. - Well, who are these people and why do they say this? Where do they fit, in the wide spectrum of Christian spirituality down through the ages? Are they the norm? Should they be taken seriously?" )

Fr Joseph Huneycutt  says:
January 4, 2007, at 7:19 am

The story goes that when Elder Ephraim met with then Archbishop Spyridon for the first time, the Archbishop asked him: “How many monasteries have you started in this country?” Fr Ephraim said, “I have started none, God has started 14.” His Eminence thought for a moment before asking: “And how many more does God plan to start?”


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