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Spyridon, Archbishop of America

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Spyridon, previously Metropolitan of Italy, was the fifth Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America. He was elected to the archiepiscopal throne of America on July 30, 1996 and enthroned on 21 September 1996 at the Cathedral of Holy Trinity in New York.

Spyridon's archiepiscopal ministry in America lasted less than three years. He resigned from the archbishop's office on August 19, 1999 following a series of unorthodox anti-spyridon initiatives untertaken by a group of so-called "friends of the Patriarchate" in America guided by the Patriarchate itself. Since then Spyridon has not accepted another ecclesiastical position and lives now in Portugal, on the outskirts of Lisbon.


For further biographical data see "Biographical Profile of Archbishop
Spyridon, former primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America"


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