estiator - October 10, 2017

It’s Time for a Prudent Successor

The matter of replacing Archbishop Demetrios was discussed last month in Constantinople in conjunction with the crisis that broke out following the Patriarchate’s decision regarding the vacant see of the Metropolis of Chicago. The National Herald reported that it was proposed to Archbishop Demetrios that he resign. The Archdiocese denied this report, but the newspaper insists on the accuracy of its information.

It’s much easier for us to believe the newspaper. However, regardless of who is telling the truth, we, too, believe that it’s time for Archbishop Demetrios to hand over his position to another prelate.

The Archbishop is admirable for the fact that he tirelessly carries out his duties at the age of 90, but there is no reason to continue a 19-year tenure of decline and absence of accomplishments. During Archbishop Demetrios’ tenure, tranquility was restored but the number of parish members and congregations has dwindled.
These are the very reasons that render a capable and prudent prelate a necessity, and not some little dictator with a swelled head who swears at priests inside the altar, torments them with arbitrary and sudden transfers, tortures deacons, and insults chanters and choirs during the liturgy… Such an appointment would cause a greater uproar than the one during Archbishop Spyridon’s tenure.

The criteria with which the Patriarchate should base its decision (for as long as our Church continues to be an “eparchy”) should not be how much someone… caters to the Phanar, but rather, everything that negates all of the behaviors described above.

We need an active and venerable prelate with knowledge of the Greek-American reality. This individual must be one of the Metropolitans serving here.


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