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A Comment by Anthony Carris

related to      Orthodox Christian Laity Requests Check on Monasteries
By Theodore Kalmoukos

(The National Herald - April 1-7, 2017 - pp. 1 and 6)

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Orthodox Christian Laity Requests Check on Monasteries (By Theodore Kalmoukos)

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Anthony Carris on April 19, 2017 5:13 pm

Our Holy Father Simeon The Barefoot: Christos Anesti ! ……I wish to apologize to Jerry Dimitrou and to the readers of OCL. I was incorrect and misleading when I stated Jerry reviewed the Monasteries and found them reasonably in good order. Jerry Dimitriou is a man of virtue and of great value as Exec. Director of The Greek Archdiocese…… My story is that I Pilgrimed every January for three weeks min. To Mount Athos from 1988-1994 where I based at The Holy Monastery of Philotheou. Then Father John Heropoulos, Dircector of The Office of Archbishop Spyidon Primate of the GO Church in America who knew my history requested I personally meet with Archbishop Spyridon. The Archbishop wanted me to explain to him why American Orthodox would benefit from Athonite Monasticsm. We met in New York City and spent one to two hours in an enlightening discussion. The rest is history…..Sometime in 1997-98 the Archbishop Spyridon visited The Holy Monastery of Saint Anthony in Florence, AZ. During this time period I learned that Jerry was instructed to visit Saint Anthony’s Monastery and review or audit the financial records, 1997-98…..since I have not heard of changes in the accounting/bookkeeping I incorrectly assumed the bookkeeping was reasonably in good order…..What my Monastic Brethren have done with the contrbuted monies is nothing less than exceptually careful use of GODS Assets. Anthony Carris

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